Getting ready for the big day?

I’m sure it’s no secret how stressful and tedious planning the wedding can be. It seems some of the time the bachelor party activities get overlooked. Most bachelors go to the bars and call it a night. So many activities get overlooked when going into this event. We’ve taken the time to put together a list of bachelor party festivities. Use this guide as a launching pad to plan your last bash as a single.

1. Road Trip

Get out and experience life beyond your humble abode! See what other cities near you have to offer. Take it to the next level and rent an RV. This way you have plenty of room to enjoy the ride. Take your buddies up on a poker game while you ride across the rolling hills of the midwest. Our key suggestions for stops in the midwest include; the Ozarks, Chicago, Quad Cities, Mackinac Island, Paddler’s Village, the Badlands, and the Wisconsin Dells. Tailor your trip to your preferences.

Don’t feel like driving? 

Take the train and embrace scenic views with extensive leg room. Plus, you can binge that new show you’ve been meaning to watch.

2. Arcade

Channel you childhood and take on the arcade. We don’t mean taking the boys to Chuck E. Cheese. Arcade bars, like Dave & Busters, have been popping up quickly in urban dwellings. For our Des Moines Area readers, we recommend checking out UpDown. Most arcade bars, have funky drinks that you can’t find at regular ol’ watering holes. Challenge your closest guy
friends to endless games of Pacman and Mario Kart. May the best man win, literally. Take it up a step and bet each other with real money. See who can win the most for the groom.

3. Axe Throwing

Release your inner viking!

Not trying to toot our own horn, but there’s a reason we’re voted #1 for bachelor and bachelorette party venues. Take up or refine your axe throwing skills and challenge your wedding party to some friendly competition. We have plenty of drinks to quench your thirst. Feel free to bring in your own food and drink of choice. Our coaches will be there every step of the way to guide you through the process.

We have locations in West Des Moines, Eau Claire, and Pella. Also, check out our lanes at the Thunderdome in Newton, IA. The Thunderdome also hosts VR games and unforgettable drinks.

Book your lane today on our website.

4. Sporting Event

Are you a football fanatic? Baseball junkie? Criquet connoisseur? Host your wedding party and cheer on your favorite team. Get to experience the thrills of up-close action for a day you’re sure to remember. A bonus to traveling to a sports event is getting to experience a different city. Outline an itinerary and have the party carry on all day long.

5. Food/Bar Crawl

Is the key to your heart through your stomach? Explore what a city has to offer through their dining. There are plenty of organized crawls that take the stress off of planning. On the other hand, tailor your experience to your favorite foods. Look for the best burger in your town. See which bartender has the best tricks. This activity is sure to leave your heart and your stomach full.

Each bachelor has their own wants out of their big bash. Make the day your own and think outside the box. Try something new, eat, and explore.