Top Five Places for a bachelorette Party

Ladies, listen up! 

The big day is just around the corner. But it’s time to plan the last bash before tying the knot. The bachelorette party is an event to be remembered, make it count. It’s easy to fall into stereotypical activities. However, we’ve compiled a list for a bride who wants something outside of the box.

#1 Spa Retreat

Rent an Airbnb with your best gal pals and escape to an oasis of relaxation. Take in a blissful experience and massage away all the stress of wedding planning. Feel rejuvenated as you drink green tea with a mud mask. Tap into your inner self and drown out all the stress. Spend your days with shiatsu and nights playing games around the table with your wedding party. Another
upside of a spa retreat is feeling wedding ready upon your return, mentally and physically.

#2 Return to Your Hometown

As a child you have a conception about where you grew up, revisiting all the places you once loved can be very nostalgic. Seeing things in a new way than you remember. Visit all the bars that you once dreamed of going into as you got older. Reconnect with townies you haven’t seen in ages. Show off that big ring and make everyone jealous. Brag about how far you have come.
Escort your wedding party to all the places that hold dear meaning to your inner child. Close the chapter as you begin a new one with your partner.

#3 Axe Throwing

Challenge your wedding party, may the best bridesmaid win! Release pent up frustration from days spent with crappy men and leave it all behind you. Stop into Ironside Axe Club and learn a new skill. Come see why we’ve been voted #1 bachelorette location. Our experienced coaches will guide you every step of the way as you master the art. If you’re in West Des Moines, ask about our stop sign. Enjoy our simple concessions and bar. Feel free to bring in your own food and rent our private party room.

#4 Scavenger Hunt

Bring on your inner Amazing Race and run around town collecting items for the bride. Have someone make a checklist for the wedding party to complete. Run around town in pairs and see who comes out on top. Find simple ways to collect money for the bride and see which bridesmaid can make the most.

Ideas for a scavenger hunt could be; get a selfie with a significant town monument, find something blue at a vintage shop, find soda cans to exchange for money, buy the bride’s favorite snack, enter a local contest, etc.

#5 Wedding Shoe Shopping

Wedding shoes can often get overlooked behind the wedding dress. Escape to the nearest shopping hub near you and secure some heels. Make sure to get a second option for comfort (just in case). While the shoes may be the focal point of the trip, experience all the stores you may not usually get to see. Shop till you drop in a new city and try out the city’s best restaurant at the end of the day.

We hope whatever activity you chose to do, will be one to remember. Whether it’s a sweet escape, learning a new skill, or running around town we send congratulations to all the brides. Make your bachelorette trip your own and do something catered to your liking.