So you’re expecting? Congrats!

We know you’re busy preparing for your little Viking’s arrival, but you also have time to celebrate this huge milestone with your loved ones. In recent years, gender reveal parties have been a trend that’s taken parents by storm–but, a lot of them can look pretty similar, and sometimes when these parties venture out to be new and interesting, they can end up being a little more trouble than expected. 

Here at Ironside, you can have the best of both worlds: a stable gender reveal that your family hasn’t seen before.

We can admit that some of these more outlandish ideas for gender reveals pretty cool ideas, but they can end up being harmful for the environment. You might remember in 2020, a ‘pyrotechnic device’ for a gender reveal in California malfunctioned and caused a wildfire that burned down thousands of acres and tragically killed a firefighter. Another pair of parents in Brazil dyed a waterfall blue in a reveal gone wrong. In the middle of a drought, this dye contaminated water crucial to the area’s environment. When we’re celebrating new life, we sure don’t want to risk the lives of others. We might be wielding axes or other sharp pointy objects, but we’ll ensure that your gender reveal party is safe. 

At Ironside, we’re happy to work with you to plan your perfect gender reveal party that’s safe and sure to wow the fam. We’re super flexible and ready to help make your ideas a reality. Just come on in, give us a call, or visit our website to get the ball rolling!