It’s that time of year…

you’ve got holiday corporate event after event after event to attend and they’re all the same old awkward mingling at the same old restaurant. If you’re planning a holiday party or event for your business this year, maybe it’s time to try some different activities. Stumped on what to do? Here’s some ideas to get your mind turning. 

Put the Tech to Good Use: Bring On the Video Games

Today, there’s so much technology that we use daily for our jobs–but there’s equally as much to use for fun. From VR sets to your classic racing games, technology has had our backs for years when it comes to entertainment. For your holiday event this year, boot up your consoles, plug in your controllers, pick out the group’s favorite game, and start a company-wide competition. You might want to start working out your thumbs in preparation! 

Find the Solution: Break Out or Solve a Mystery

When you’re choosing what to do for your corporate holiday event, it’s always a plus if you can include team-building. There are lots of different choices that can make your team stronger, like escape rooms, murder mysteries, and you can even set up your own! You can find sets with all you need to solve a murder story or set up your own puzzles for a DIY escape room at your local big-box retailer or online. There are even apps and VR games so you can tackle these mysteries virtually!

Say Yes And Try Improv

The first rule of improvisation is Yes And! It might seem wild, but a lot of the skills that improvisation comedians use are applicable to the real world–finding solutions to wild problems, getting out of your comfort zone, thinking on the spot, and more. Have a blast, have a laugh, all while building your team’s skills in an improv workshop. It might take a minute to adjust, but before you know it, everyone will be having a great time. 

Keep the Classics with Board Games

For a good time with your team, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Classic board games are a great way to get into a competitive spirit and entertain at your holiday event this year. If you’re looking to up the stakes, put on a tournament: make your brackets, place your bets, and set up prizes for your winners to work towards. There are tons of options out there: from a simple game like Boggle, to a more strategic game like Settlers of Catan, or even you classic game of cards!

Unleash Your Working Warrior: Try Axe Throwing 

Got a little pent up energy from your long days at the office? Unleash your inner warrior with axe throwing. Leave basic bowling behind and step up to our level and book a few lanes at Ironside. Enjoy a little friendly competition and see who can hit the most bullseyes or get the most points, learn something new, and have a blast. You can grab concessions and drinks, or even cater from your team’s favorite place. It’ll be a holiday party like you’ve never had before!