Don’t let the sparkle of  your holiday festivities be dulled by a bland and boring event space. Switch it up from the basic banquet halls and choose a space for your event that truly represents you and your party guests. 

Think local

Partner up with the great local businesses of Des Moines and the metro area to host your holiday party in a space like nowhere else. With tons of amazing local restaurants, bars, tasting rooms, wineries, distilleries, and more that you may not even know about! Explore these hidden gems for a unique space you’ll only find here in our great city.

Get out

No matter the weather, you can host your party in nature! Even in the winter while battling the chilly Iowan weather, you still have options. You don’t have to set up your event in the wind and snow, instead host your holiday in an indoor botanical garden. These greenhouse gardens will give your holiday festivities a taste of tropical paradise. 

Go back in time

Want something classic that still has a sense of individuality? A great option would be to visit your local historic locations. Go back in time to holiday parties past and share in the festive tradition of gathering with people you care for. These spaces have their own lives and stories that are sure to feel nostalgic, spark conversation, and offer a great experience with a touch of vintage flair. 

Reclaim space

Historic location a bit too fancy for you, but still interested in the vintage vibe? Remodeled warehouses or industrial buildings might be more suited to your style.. With exposed brick and high ceilings, you can be a part of these spaces’ blend of old and new with your event bringing in new life. 

Unleash your potential

Need a down to earth space that will make you feel at home and push you outside the box at the same time? Ironside Axe Company is the way to go to celebrate the holidays with Viking spirit. With a vibe that will make you feel right at home and the built-in entertainment of axe throwing, your holiday party will not soon be forgotten.